Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flesh, Bone and Weakness.

April 17th I skated downtown Chicago with a old friend who came down from Kenosha Wisconsin. We found gnarly spots & made the mission to Burnham skatepark. I got a Sick ass wall ride at the park beast style. I then came up to keno to visit friends & fam that night. I was going to come back to chi the next morning to skate more with my skate krew from keno =All Out=
The train would leave at 8:30 am.

April 18th Today I woke up feeling good. but I woke up late! I called my friend Alex to see whats up! He told me he dropped every one off & when he went to look for parking he missed the train also! So I told him id come to skate with him in keno somewhere. When i was getting ready to leave, my sister shows up to my old house & tells me she got back a camera from a her ex-boyfriend that she bought awhile ago & then told me that she would give it to me! That got me beyond pumped! It got me pummped for the Summer!

Samsung SMX-F34 Camcorder

Its pretty Fucking sick! I then went to skate with Alex & we rode over to basic a skate park in keno. He told me he'd film me but first to get warmed up. & I did.

I went to go bust out a fs heel off a beast set. I snapped my deck! I landed so perfect tho, I got the feeling down! It was just the beginning of snapping boards all day, every day. pro status feeling.

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